One of the most amazing things Zoē has gotten to do as a clown was go to India in January 2011 and February 2012 for 3 weeks to clown for children in orphanages, very poor villages, a home for children with aids and some other locations to bring some much needed joy, smiles and laughter to the many many children we visited. We spent a full week at the Bless India orphanage, where I fell in love with 150 of the most amazing children, inside and out, they were beautiful. (Many of the pictures below are from my time at Bless India.) What amazed me most about so many of the area’s we visited in India, was that so often they had so little, no shoes, no running water, no toilets... and yet the children we met exuded this beautiful radiance and they seemed so filled with joy - it was very life changing for me visiting this other side of the world and seeing the things we saw and how others live. Truly 2 trips of a lifetime and I’m so incredibly grateful for the experience. I loved it there and loved every single one of the children we were so lucky to meet. Words can’t really express my experience there.... unless you’d like to sit down with me for a few months and hear me go on and on... but hopefully you can see some of the joy Zoē got to share and experience with these amazing kiddo’s.

Yep, I’m one very lucky clown :•)