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When the doorbell rings on your child’s birthday they probably aren’t expecting to see a clown at the door! Our daughter knew that Zoē the Clown was coming for her birthday party and couldn’t wait to see her. She sat on the steps for a good 20 minutes eagerly anticipating Zoē’s arrival. When the doorbell finally rang she leapt to her feet and beat us all to the door! She was so excited to see Zoē (who arrives in full costume) she was jumping up and down with high-pitched screams. We knew from her reaction, this was going to be a good birthday for our daughter!

Moms, we realize there are a lot of small children out there (& some grown ones too) that are scared of or don’t like clowns. Luckily for us, our daughter never was, but we know some kids are. We checked it out with all of our daughter’s friends who were coming to the party so they wouldn’t be scared either – and none of them were. When you see Zoē’s sweet face how could you not love her?! See for yourself – check out Zoē’s photo. Isn’t she adorable? She is very kid-friendly and never frightens the children.

None of the children at our daughter’s party were scared of Zoē. In fact, they all loved her and wanted to be near her. Some of the girls it seems couldn’t stop hugging her for the entire hour she was there. Zoē entertained the children with whimsical magic, silly songs and dances, games and unique balloon creations. She really does great balloon animals. We’ve tried a few times ourselves but they seem to pop before we’re done so we can appreciate the talent it takes to twist and shape the balloons.

Zoē, aka, Brittany, is a professional clown. Yes, we know that sounds like an oxymoron, but there really are schools that teach you to “clown around!” I can only imagine how fun they must be! Zoē hones her skills not just at birthday parties. She also attends events (you may have seen her at an event) and volunteers at Children’s Medical Center every Thursday to brighten sick children’s day and take them to “happy place.“

We’ve seen Zoē at events and she usually has a little following of people who know she will be there. We know why she has a following. Want to know her secret? Zoē is super sweet and the kids just fall in love with her! She’s playful but not annoying, sweet, gentle and best of all – very patient with the children. You would think that’s a requirement to be patient when you work with kids, but some are more patient than others & Zoē tops the list!

She is truly a joy to be around. You will adore her just like the kids! She really made our birthday girl feel super special on her important day. Zoē makes sure the birthday child is first in line for balloon animals and they get to assist with her magic show. Our daughter was over the moon helping out! And the special treatment didn’t stop with the party. A few days later we received a thank you note from Zoē in the mail. For our daughter it was a pleasant reminder of a very special party thanks to Zoē!

Zoē lists on her facebook fan page where she will be showing up so to “be her fan” at and see where she is going to be doing balloons or having a fun time so you can come have fun too!

Zoē is headed back to India for 3 weeks in January 2012. She spent 3 weeks in India in January 2011 clowning for children in orphanages, schools in very poor areas, a home for children with aides and for villages in very poor areas of Chennai… bringing joy, smiles and sunshine to children who desperately needed it. It was the trip of a lifetime and Zoē fell in love with the children of India. She is counting the days to go on her next trip to bring more joy to her little friends around the world.

Check out her website & redeem her coupon on our coupon page when you decide to book Zoē for your next party or event. You’ll be glad you did!

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